Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meet Author Laura Vosika

 Write from the Heart warmly welcomes Historical Author, Laura Vosika

Hi Laura, Congrats on your new release, The Minstrel Boy.  Please tell us about your series:
Hi, Lynn.  Thank you! 
The Blue Bells Chronicles is the story of two men, polar opposites except for their looks and love of music.  Shawn Kleiner is an arrogant, self-centered philandering musician of the twenty-first century who finds himself caught in the life of his cross-century look-alike, Niall Campbell, with the fate of medieval Scotland resting on his irresponsible, party-loving shoulders.  The devout medieval Highlander, Niall, is no happier to find himself in Shawn's modern life of ease, dealing with the fallout of the messes Shawn has left behind--a pregnant girlfriend, angry mistresses, amorous fans, and a conductor threatening to 'fire' him--as he tries to find a way back to save his people.
As their story progresses through the series, they each grow and change, influenced by one other and the unlikely friendship that springs from their original animosity.

These books give a different twist to time travel. Where do you get your ideas from?
I think it is less common to have a time travel story where two people switch places.  Blue Bells of Scotland was originally Shawn's story, but the rest grew from asking questions about what the other characters were doing while he was gone and the What if's that kept popping into my head as a result.  I'm fascinated by the way people view times and places different from what they know, and how attitudes change through the years.  It was interesting to me to see how someone from medieval times might react to what Shawn considers normal, while at the same time seeing how Shawn reacts to Niall's world and what he considers normal.  As the story progresses, they have some discussions about this.  At the same time, I think many parts of human nature, emotions, and experience never change, and this is a place where Shawn and Niall find that we're not so different underneath it all.

If you could time travel would you go to the past or the future?
Definitely the past.  I would love to witness some of the events we know of from history, or learn more details, learn the things that we don't yet know from historical records, learn more about the way people really lived and thought.
Which character do you like the most? The least?
Wow, that's a tough question.  I like most of them in different ways.  I like Niall because he's definitely more of my mindset, but Shawn is fun to write.  (Or should I say, it's fun to watch and see what he'll decide to do next?)  Yes, he's arrogant and obnoxious, but I think these characters are often fun because we all sometimes wish we could bulldoze through life doing as we please.  I also like him because, despite his many, many flaws, he is usually cheerful, makes people feel valued, and is capable of finally learning and redeeming himself.
I guess the character I'd have to say I like least is Rob.  He certainly thinks he's nicer than Shawn.  He behaves with more integrity and morality, and would never cheat on Amy, but he's an annoying, clueless sycophant who is, in his own way, as unable as Shawn to think of what anyone else wants or needs.  And it takes Rob awhile longer than Shawn to see where he needs to make changes.
What inspires you to write?
Well, I think I'm similar to many writers in that these stories and people are just there, and they really need to get out of my head.  I can't not write.
Where is your favorite place to write and why?
I'm not very particular.  My laptop goes everywhere with me, and whenever I have spare time, I write--in my music studio, at my kitchen table, in my office, living room, in my car in a parking lot or at a coffee shop or the library if I'm out and about and have time in between appointments.
You are blessed with many children, are any of them interested in writing?
Yes, I have nine children, from 22 down to 6.  At least three of them--two sons and my younger daughter--like writing.  Another draws cartoons with stories.  My older daughter writes movies with her cousin and friend, which they then film.  Most of them are big readers and all are creative in some way, if not writing, then in music or art.

A Trilogy is mentioned, do you have a date or title for the last book?
Well, it seems I've inadvertently followed in the footsteps of Douglas Adams, and my 'trilogy' now has more than three books.  So The Blue Bells Trilogy has officially been renamed The Blue Bells Chronicles.  The Minstrel Boy, Book Two, was just released.  Book Three, The Water is Wide, is scheduled for 2013.  The last two books are titled Westering Home and When the Battle is Over, and I'll be aiming for releasing one each year. 

Where can your fans find you?
I'm at www.facebook.com/laura.vosika.author and www.twitter.com/lauravosika. I also keep a blog, largely on medieval Scottish history, but also touching on topics in theChronicles such as time travel, music, and instruments, at http://bluebellstrilogy.blogspot.com