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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Santa: Do You Believe?

I grew up believing in Santa Claus. And I still do. I tried to share this with my children. My oldest welcomed Santa with open arms, and had a LONG list of requests every year. When his brother was born he dutifully informed Santa of Michael’s wishes as well as his own.
Michael was not appreciative of Santa’s generosity and getting a picture with the Head Elf became harder and harder. Lots of tears and kicking. About the age of five I finally gave up on the perfect Christmas Card picture.
In fact, getting both of my children in a picture together while smiling was becoming a great challenge. So much for the wonderful dreams I once had. My world shifted from happy pictures of toothless babies to grumpy teens. Time certainly does change, but Santa is still the same.
And that awkward moment when I was questioned if he was real or not?
Well, Santa only brings presents to those who believe.
So Santa still visits my house every year.
I was even fortunate to recently meet the real Santa. (I have been advised, I am on the nice list.)
Imagine my surprise when I found out he rides a motorcycle and does volunteer work with the Patriot Guard Riders (PGR) for our Veterans. I was fortunate to be able to work with him on a charity project. And we would like to share it with you.
Because the most important thing about the Holidays isn’t found under a tree.
It is in our hearts.
Patriot Guard Riders Tribute

Sunday, November 17, 2013

I'm Smell Blind

Several weeks ago, I realized I couldn’t smell. It wasn’t something I really noticed until I visited a fudge shop in Helen Ga. Helen is a quaint German town nestled in the GA mountains, where else would you go for Oktoberfest?
I was very excited to visit with my family and as always, our first stop: the fudge shop. The small shop was lined with people and we squished our way in. My sons wife, Tamara, grabbed my arm and says “Oh my God! It smells so good in here!”
I sniffed.
“I don’t smell anything.”
She looks at me like I’m crazy. “You can’t smell the cocoa?”
“I can’t smell anything.”
And for the first time, I bought no fudge. Not even a sample, I didn’t have the craving for it.
Since then, I began to ponder when I had stopped smelling. Everything smells like normal. All the time.
How long has this been going on? All the times I had sniffed my laundry, or previously worn clothing and came away satisfied. Now I wonder. Did they stink? Do I stink?
Showering has become an obsession for me, as well as doing laundry.
Cooking is a challenge. I have to constantly watch the stove because I can’t smell when the food is close to being done or burning.  
Walking the dog has been a pleasure. Picking up poop is no problem without the odor.
The hardest part I guess is my family, they are constantly “testing” me.
From holding fresh bags of coffee under my nose, to steaming cups of herbal tea. No. I don’t smell it.
No fresh baked cookies, or bacon, or the gift on the floor the dog left.
My helpful friends: “You know that’s a sign of Alzheimers.” If I didn’t have sinus problems, I would be more worried. Even after sinus surgery several years ago, I am still snotty.
One side effect is I have no cravings for food. I don’t smell the awesomeness of food, so I am eating less and only when I am hungry. Best diet ever.
The downfall, walking through the mall looking for Christmas gifts. Choosing scented candles by color or description. My son likes cologne and I can’t smell them. I can still picture the blank stare I have received from the sales clerk armed with a spray bottle when I informed her I was smell blind.
The term smell blind is not my own, it is a quote from the movie “Walk Hard.” My son declared me smell blind when I relayed my odd symptoms to him. In a crazy sort of way, it fits.
Is this permanent? Too soon to tell, but apparently, many people have this problem. Some have never been able to smell.

Maybe we should start a club. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Banned in the USA

Another crisis in bookworld. 

Apparently some UK book stores do not have the ability to separate genre's in their search engines. 

After some UK parents looked up books for "Daddy" they were shocked by the "suggested" titles. 

So to correct this, UK distributors have pulled most indie or small press books from their sites, and some even shut down completely. 

Even in the US, +Kobo Inc.  , has followed suit, trying to save us from ourselves!

But fear not! 

You can still find plenty of smut and atrocities in Traditional Books that were left untouched. 

Note:The only  +Lynn Hubbard  book that was effected at kobo in the US is Chase The Moon. I'm sure +Julian Fantechi  will be happy to know he was banned for being too sexy! I'm sure the morality gods will get it all figured out. In the mean time, Chase is available at   +Barnes & Noble  +ARe Cafe | All Romance eBooks 

For more info visit +David Gaughran's Blog

Chase the Moon: A Historical Romance 

Back Cover: Amelia is enraptured by Chase's charm and his touch. Will she fit into his world? Or, will Chase give up everything to fit into hers? Set in Mississippi 1886 Meet Chase Stafford. Chase inherited his mother's Comanche blood and his father's sense of humor. After receiving a wedding invitation from his brother Brock, he heads off on a train to Mississippi.

Along the way, he runs into Amelia. Half asleep, he mistakes her flowing alabaster hair for that of a banshee. After starting off on the wrong foot can Chase's charm persuade her to give him another chance? Amelia's initial encounter with Chase was unsettling to say the least. The glamorous city girl was taken aback by Chase's forwardness. Nevertheless, she is bound and determined to awaken the sensations that only he can unleash.


Amelia stood at the end of the platform waiting impatiently for her luggage to be unloaded. A cool breeze swept by and she inhaled the fresh air. It felt marvelous to be free from the stifling compartment. Spotting one of her bags, she grabbed it, slung it over her shoulder with the strap, and waited for her suitcases. Amelia frowned as she saw them tossed haphazardly and land hard on the ground. Annoyed she marched up grabbing them by the handle. Her arms burned as she awkwardly lifted the heavy bags. Gritting her teeth, she waddled away with her load.
Her father had loaded the bags earlier so she was not aware of the sheer weight of them. In hindsight she wondered if she really needed all of the things she had packed. She heard a soft click and suddenly felt her burden lighten. Looking down she saw a pile of her things strewn out on the dirt as one of the locks had given way.
With muttered curses she flung down her load and started to collect her belongings. Seeing her plight, a passerby hurried over to assist her. He grabbed a handful of lace and she looked up at him appalled. Recognizing his features as the man who accosted her on the train she hissed.
“Would you please give me my bloomers? I do not need your help.”
Chase looked down at the limp ruffles in his hand and was glad that his hat and dark skin hid most of his reddening face. He tossed it into the suitcase and stammered out his apologies.
“Sorry ma’am. About what happened on the train; I wasn’t quite awake.”
She looked up at him from her knelling position and he looked down upon her beautiful porcelain face framed with luminous hair and set off by her deep blue eyes. How the hell did he ever mistake her for a banshee?
“Let’s start over.” He held out his hand to her. “Chase Stafford.”
Instead of grasping his hand, she frowned at him as she climbed to her feet dusting the street off her skirt. Still eyeing him warily, she grudgingly held out her own hand as the qualities her father tried to instill upon his children took hold. She felt her own face flushing as his large warm hand engulfed hers and she pulled away a bit reluctantly.
“I’m Amelia, Amelia Lovett.”
“Lovett? Are you any relation to Sabrina?”
“Yes, she’s my cousin. I’m headed to her wedding.”
Chase laughed out loud. A rumble that made Amelia’s body tingle. “So am I, She’s marrying my brother, Brock.”
“May God help her.” Amelia murmured to herself as she again knelt to finish stuffing her once neat belongings back into her bag. Why was fate so cruel to her? Well she guessed it was Sabrina’s problem that she marrying into an insane family. To tell the truth, the others all seemed very kind. Just Chase had issues. Maybe too much sun she thought noticing his darker skin.
She allowed him to help repack her suitcase and he grumbled when he had to hold it down while she redid the clasp.
“Do you really need all of this stuff?”
“How the heck did you get this locked before?”
“I sat on it.”
Chase snorted as he carefully removed the pressure; he was relieved when it remained shut. However, he continued to eye it warily as if it would spring open at any moment.
The train whistled again and he cursed as he hurried over to retrieve his families’ baggage before it left the station. He was relieved to see they had already been unloaded and stacked on the platform. There was only a small trunk and a saddle bag with his belongings. Grabbing them both, he made his way back over to Amelia who was watching him.
She blushed as he looked down to meet her eyes. He perfectly balanced the trunk on his shoulder and held it securely with one hand as he walked over to her and lifted her largest bag with his free hand. Wow he’s strong she thought.


Available in Print:

Thursday, October 10, 2013

War of Hearts-New Historical Romance, From Lynn Hubbard

New Historical Romance, From Lynn Hubbard

Together they will discover a passion for each other,
for life, and for freedom.

Following along after Washington’s Army, was not what Sarah Fanum had planned. Nonetheless, sometimes fate is cruel. Deciding to control her own future, she accepted a role as a spy. Gathering more courage than she knew she had, she headed to New York City.

Tristan Radcliff was a pampered playboy. He was used to having his own way, and lived for the next adventure on the high seas. He was caught off guard by Sarah’s unpretentious ways, and taken by her beauty. Could he defy not only his family, but also his country to taste her charms? 

Will they realize that love is always worth fighting for?


She could hear the city before she saw it. It was not the grandeur of Philadelphia, that she had expected. It seemed… somewhat darker. Perhaps her feelings were betraying her perception. Thoughts of retreat fluttered through her mind as she spotted the roadblock. With no other choice, she squared her shoulders as she moved forward.

“State your business,” the young soldier demanded, he sounded more bored than anything.

“I have come to stay with my Aunt.” Sarah replied, remembering that less is more.

He barely glanced at her, and not finding her a threat, moved to let her pass.

“Hold up there!” A more seasoned officer called.  Sarah somehow kept her face calm, even though her heart was pounding again. This man was more keen, and his grey eyes seemed to glimmer in anticipation. She supposed he would have been considered handsome, to most, with his brown hair and strong features. Of course, the British Uniform quelled any passionate thoughts on Sarah’s part.

She tensed as his gaze swept over her body. Her eyes met his, and narrowed, as a sneer crossed over his face. “I think we need to check this one a bit more thoroughly.”

He was close to her, too close, she wondered how far she would get if she kicked him in the face and set the mare into a run. Looking down at her feeble companion, she decided not far enough.
The soldier grabbed her horse’s harness and placed his free hand on her ankle as he ran his hand up her leg, and under her skirt. She instinctively drew away from him, and with a shriek, toppled off the horse on the other side. Cursing, she pushed herself to her feet and turned on her offender.

Available Now!
Get it Here:

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Author Bio: 
Lynn Hubbard is a Historical Fiction author. She has been writing for over ten years and has five titles. Three of which are westerns. Lynn is fascinated by the Old West and her books portray when life was simpler. When, people worked hard, and sweated to make an honest living. And when justice wasn’t always blind.
List of Lynn’s publications:
·        The Stafford Collection: exclusively at Amazon
·        A Christmas Crossing: Amazon, Audible
·        Run into the Wind: Amazon, B&N, Audible
·        Chase the Moon: Amazon, B&N
·        Return to Love: Amazon, B&N, Audible
·        Desperado: Amazon, B&N, Audible

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Team Boy!

I was trolling through Facebook and ran across my friends post. Like me, she has two boys. Unlike me she is pregnant with twins, more boys! Apparently people keep asking her if she wants a girl. As if it’s a choice.

Personally,  I wouldn't know what to do with a girl.

Case in point: My niece came to me one day with several hair things and was like "fix my hair!" I just stared at her dumb founded. Mornings are easy at my house, with boys, a couple of swipes with a brush and you’re good.
This was more challenging. Not only did I have to brush through the tangled mop on my niece’s head, but to construct some kind of topiary with it. How did it end up in brambles anyhow? It was quite straight and tidy when she went to bed.
Perhaps there were fairies frolicking in it during the night. Nonetheless, I bravely grasped the brush and attempted to tame it. A half hour later, she ended up with almost straight pigtails. And I was pondering if it was too early for wine.
It has come to me, that not only are there cat & dog people, there are girl & boy people. Take my mother for instance. She raised two lovely, delicate girls. So when my fist son was born, she was very dotting but naïve.

One day when Nicholas was three, we were talking in the garage. Nicholas walks up to Grandma with his grubby fist outstretched where he had been digging in the dirt. She automatically held out her hand to receive whatever treasure he had found. His fingers open and a brown spider drops into my mom’s hand and immediately runs up her arm. There was much screaming. *sigh*

And with boys, come boy scouts. I had never been camping in my life, but being a mom of a boy, you have to escape your comfort zone. So I became adept at putting up a tent, and changing clothes inside a sleeping bag. I still have scars from chigger bites, but good memories as well. A bad boy scout memory:  running a weekend concession stand at Nascar, but therapy has helped.

Speaking of therapy, boys are harder to potty train than girls. My youngest son, was almost four before he managed both tasks. After discussing my potty training woes with his doctor, he recommended a therapist for my son. So… he would get to play in a play room with his brother; while I discussed poo for an hour with a stranger. She explained that boys don’t have as many nerve endings ‘down there’ as girls and that boys don’t always pick up on the subtle clues. (This has also explained a lot of my dates.) We made up a poo chart with a Gameboy as the grand prize. Bribery works every time.

Shopping for clothes is fairly easy, no accessories needed. My oldest son is ‘sensitive’ so I shop for him by feel. My youngest would wear anything. I do have a major complaint of clothing stores. Most unisex stores have three racks for boy clothes and 20 for girls. Really?

My boys are older now, and my sister has one of each. Recently, my mom came back from a shopping trip exhausted from chasing after my nephew.

I just smiled, I’m Team Boy.

My Character is Gay

My Character is GayAs a Historical Romance Author, Imagine my Surprise When I Realized That my Character was Gay.

As a Historical Romance Author, I put much depth into my characters. Even the minor ones. I like to create a background for them, who they are, where do they come from, why are they there?
Imagine my surprise when I realized that my character was gay.

You would think I would have noticed it before.
The subtle clues, their reactions to each other, and certain situations.
But no.
I was oblivious until my main character, Sarah, caught him sneaking out of a man’s room in the middle of the night.
To complicate matters, War of Hearts is set in 1776, even women were oppressed back then. Much less a gay man. So it seems to reason that it would be kept a secret.
From everyone.
Even me.
Sure they tried to keep it quiet, but after that night, I was more aware. And more than a bit shocked. And then quiet acceptance, the character hadn’t changed. But my view of the character had. And I needed to let them know that it did not matter.
That this new realization did not harm our relationship. That I still saw them as a moral, devoted human being. One with strength and feelings. One that fought more desperately, and risked more for love than perhaps any of my other characters. Later on, as our trust deepened, the gaps were filled in: how they met, became companions, built a relationship of trust, as well as love.
And it was okay.
And their secret became mine.

Of course this isn’t the first unusual relationship in my stories. In Run into the Wind, my main character is a cross dresser. And the man of her dreams, battles with his emotions, as he is still attracted to her/him.
Perhaps, people aren’t attracted by the persona, but by their soul. I have often contemplated there being a soulmate for everyone. And who are we to say what color, creed, or sex they should be?
So whether it is 1776 or 2013, Tory or Rebel, hearts should have no bounds.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Devil's Brae- New Release by Faith Mortimer

Synopsis for Devil’s Brae

Imagine a warm autumn afternoon in a remote village in the Scottish Highlands. Cassandra  Potter, fleeing from the memories of two traumatic deaths, goes walking alone on Devil’s Brae.

The wild country is empty, stretching for miles in every direction, it is then she sees him. A dark brooding figure, standing and watching as Cassandra climbs the brae. Apart from a lingering uneasy feeling she ignores the watcher, until the next time and it is then she realises her mistake. Someone wishes her gone from the village – at all costs.

Cassandra’s life is plunged into danger. Who is threatening her existence and her sanity? Who is the mysterious stranger? An inhabitant of the village of Inverdarroch? Or a person from her clouded past?
Above all, why is this happening to her?

Author Q&A

What attracted you to writing in the first place?
Loving literature as I do, I’d always wanted to write – whether it was novels, plays or poetry. As a child I used to write stories for my sisters and then as I grew older, my short stories became much longer until they resembled novellas. But it wasn’t until the early 2000s that I started writing my first full-length novel 

What genre are you most comfortable writing?
There’s more than one and I like to switch from one to another making sure I don’t become stale with my writing. I love crime writing; murder mystery suspense, but I don’t do real hard core violence – I prefer to let the reader’s imagination take over after I’ve laid down some hints. I love writing adventure and action mixed in with romantic suspense. Finally I’ve recently begun writing pure romance and I’m enjoying writing in an entirely different vein.

How has your upbringing influenced your writing?
I’ve lived an amazing life – and God willing I’ve got a lot of living still to do!  Since the age of five I’ve been fortunate in visiting many countries and six of my tender years I spent living in Malaya and Singapore. I think living abroad and mixing with different cultures and class has enriched my life and hopefully my writing.

Where do you get your inspiration and ideas from?
From all sorts of places. It could be a simple snippet from an overheard conversation, talking with friends, reading an article in a magazine or something from the television. I have an antenna that turns towards interesting themes and I log on – especially if the subject is unusual!

Do you have any writing rituals or listen to “mood music” when you write? Where is your favorite place to write?
I try and write in the morning for a few hours, then break and do something else. If I have time and the inspiration I’ll pick up and carry on. The next day I go over the previous day’s work and edit it. I rarely listen to music – I need quiet and I write in our ‘snug’.

What’s your favorite place in the entire world?
Being with my husband and family.

Fame or fortune, which would you prefer?
Can I have both please?!!

If you couldn’t be an author, what would your ideal career be?
Either a surgeon or an actor/singer

Chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry?
Chocolate! Every time. Even when I diet I save room for a tiny piece as a reward!

If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 things would you want with you?
Unlimited supply of water and food. My reading glasses and books. My mate.

Please tell us in one sentence only, why we should read your book.
My editor is pretty excited about this book – she says I improve with each one! This is the first of a new ‘Dark Minds’ series and I enjoyed writing it - I’d love you to share the experience with me.

So what’s next for you as an author? Any last words?
I’ve finished writing a new romance this one is set around Christmas so aptly names, On Christmas Hill. I love it and made my husband cry when he first read it! On the thriller side of things, fans are demanding another Diana Rivers Mystery…so I’ve already started a new novel and this is set in Portugal.


Now let’s talk a little about, ‘Devil’s Brae’.

When asked about the inspiration for, ‘Devil’s Brae, I immediately think of my fans and followers. ‘Devil’s Brae is the first in a new psychological thriller series – the Dark Mind series.
My first series, the Diana Rivers series, currently has five books with a sixth planned. The books are:  The Assassins’ Village, Children of the Plantation, The Surgeon’s Blade, and Camera Action…Murder! and Childhunt– My followers keep asking when the next book is coming out and I’m doing my best to keep up! So either last in 2013 or early 2014 there will be a sixth added to the collection!

Mystery suspense thrillers are fun to write, perhaps because there are so many little threads which need to be absolutely correct. I enjoy thinking up little clues to keep the reader guessing and a few red herring to throw them off the track. As well as pitting my wits in writing the story I have to remember that my audience is often very skilled in working through the mystery, so there has to be lots to keep everyone interested right through to the final page.

I’m so lucky in that I love what I’m doing and feel privileged because I have some amazing followers. I sincerely hope I never forget that it is my readers who have helped get me where I am today. Thank you.

Get it Here:

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Faith Mortimer is a wife & mother, dividing her time between Hampshire, UK & Cyprus. Since childhood, she dreamt of writing novels which readers would love, & spent many hours writing short stories which she read to her sisters.
Later her dreams were put on hold while she focused upon her family & careers as a nurse & later overseeing a string of travel & sport related companies.
Born in Manchester & educated in Singapore, Malaya & Hampshire, England. A Registered nurse & in later years changed careers to oversee a number of travel & sport related companies.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

MSH BLOG HOP: What is the hardest thing to write?

Signed up with the Mountain Spring House Blog Hop!
Better late than never right?

The topic this week is: What is the hardest thing to write?

For me it was a scene in Chasethe Moon.

I write historical fiction, so life in general was not easy. There was a high mortality rate from natural, as well as unnatural means. Neither option is pleasant.

I do not write by with an outline. Thoughts flow through my mind and I write them as they happen. I put myself in the characters place and try to bring you there as well. In Chase, one of my supporting characters dies. This is a character that I brought to life first in Run into the Wind.

So I was attached, as well as my readers. The death came as a great shock to me and I cried as I wrote it. And my readers cried as they read it. And they cursed me.

But life is hard, and it doesn't always turn out the way you want or expect it to.

Not only do you have to write the death scene, but you have to write the other characters reactions to it. Like us, they all handle death differently. Some were sad, some were accepting, some were pissed at the whole world. Each and everyone of them was not only touched, but changed by it.

And they carried on, because we cannot control death, but we cannot stop living either. Death is just another chapter of life. One we will all write in the end.

So yes, it is hard to write about death. But the fact that they were touched by my character so much to weep at their passing is the greatest of compliments. 

At the time of this post: Paperback on sale at Amazon $5.63

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