Saturday, August 24, 2013

MSH BLOG HOP: What is the hardest thing to write?

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Better late than never right?

The topic this week is: What is the hardest thing to write?

For me it was a scene in Chasethe Moon.

I write historical fiction, so life in general was not easy. There was a high mortality rate from natural, as well as unnatural means. Neither option is pleasant.

I do not write by with an outline. Thoughts flow through my mind and I write them as they happen. I put myself in the characters place and try to bring you there as well. In Chase, one of my supporting characters dies. This is a character that I brought to life first in Run into the Wind.

So I was attached, as well as my readers. The death came as a great shock to me and I cried as I wrote it. And my readers cried as they read it. And they cursed me.

But life is hard, and it doesn't always turn out the way you want or expect it to.

Not only do you have to write the death scene, but you have to write the other characters reactions to it. Like us, they all handle death differently. Some were sad, some were accepting, some were pissed at the whole world. Each and everyone of them was not only touched, but changed by it.

And they carried on, because we cannot control death, but we cannot stop living either. Death is just another chapter of life. One we will all write in the end.

So yes, it is hard to write about death. But the fact that they were touched by my character so much to weep at their passing is the greatest of compliments. 

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