Friday, August 23, 2013

Indie Block Party #2 Introduce your WIP (Work in Progress)

Indie Block Party #2 Introduce your WIP 

Hello! My work in progress is War of Hearts. ALthough I have finished writing, it is currently making it's way  through final edits and I'm working on marketing. Not as much fun as writing. ;-)

Below is an excerpt from War of Hearts
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Here is a sneak peek of War of Hearts. It is set to Release soon. To set the mood, Sarah is sent to NYC to spy. I hope you enjoy!

She could hear the city before she saw it. It was not the grandeur of Philadelphia, that she had expected. It seemed… somewhat darker. Perhaps her feelings were betraying her perception. Thoughts of retreat fluttered through her mind as she spotted the roadblock. With no other choice, she squared her shoulders as she moved forward.
“State your business,” the young soldier demanded, he sounded more bored than anything.
“I have come to stay with my Aunt.” Sarah replied, remembering that less is more.
He barely glanced at her, and not finding her a threat, moved to let her pass.
“Hold up there!” A more seasoned officer called.  Sarah somehow kept her face calm, even though her heart was pounding again. This man was more keen, and his grey eyes seemed to glimmer in anticipation. She supposed he would have been considered handsome, to most, with his brown hair and strong features. Of course, the British Uniform quelled any passionate thoughts on Sarah’s part.
She tensed as his gaze swept over her body. Her eyes met his, and narrowed, as a sneer crossed over his face. “I think we need to check this one a bit more thoroughly.”
He was close to her, too close, she wondered how far she would get if she kicked him in the face and set the mare into a run. Looking down at her feeble companion, she decided not far enough.
The soldier grabbed her horse’s harness and placed his free hand on her ankle as he ran his hand up her leg, and under her skirt. She instinctively drew away from him, and with a shriek, toppled off the horse on the other side. Cursing, she pushed herself to her feet and turned on her offender.

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