Saturday, August 3, 2013

Love at First Sight, Bonnie & Clyde Style

Interview : Joey Daniel Carr Writer, Director, Producer
Welcome Joey, and thank you for taking time out to speak with us. Joey Daniel Carr is a local from Georgia. He is currently making a short film called “Colt Love” based upon Bonnie & Clyde.

1) Tell us about yourself:
-Thank you so much for taking the time to have me as a guest! I was born and raised in Atlanta, GA starting October 21st, 1991. I'll have a Bachelor's Degree in Film this October, just before we shoot "Colt Love". If I were to encompass myself in 1 word, I would narrow it down to: artist. I love music, writing, film and anything entertainment related. I'm programmed to be a writer and hope to make my living on it, through my novels or writing for television. 

2) Who were Bonnie & Clyde?
-Who were they individually, or as a pair? That's two different answers...
Bonnie was a hometown-type girl who married Roy Thornton at the age of 16. She was 19 and vulnerable from the heartbreak of her husband being locked in prison. Clyde, one of many siblings, had to stop his education to work jobs to support his family. Hard times called for petty crimes that made him popular with the police and impossible for him to keep a job...
Together, they were the example of love-at-first-sight. Apart, they were unable to find their comfort in the world; as a couple, they thrived and became iconic heroes in American organized crime that weren't afraid of the Depression-weakened government.

3) Why create a film about Bonnie & Clyde?
-They are an important part of American history. They helped create the need for the FBI, the first authority force capable of using larger guns and pursue across state borders.

4) Why are we obsessed with criminals?
-I think we're obsessed with criminals because while we wouldn't rob a bank, we wish we could.

5) Do you believe in True Love?
-I believe in true love; passion can make amazing things happen. That can be seen between the real life Bonnie and Clyde, as well as the Cast and Crew that's working to bring them to the screen in "Colt Love".

6) How did you do your research for the movie?
-I've always loved Bonnie and Clyde. I've spent countless nights browsing websites about them, watching documentaries and just learning what I can about that era.

7) How can we get a copy?
-You can get a copy if you go to the Indiegogo link for "Colt Love" within the next 20 days and click on one of the perks along the right hand side of the page. All of them include a DVD of the final project in time for Christmas; other perks include goodies like BTS features, signed scripts and props, and special credits... As for selling the film on DVD, there won't be any of that, at least for a little while. I'd like to take it to film festivals first, maybe get the funds to do a feature film.

8) What inspired you to turn to film?
-I was inspired to do film when I saw my "Iris" novel series in my head. I published the first and wanted to make the series into films, so I studied film. Also, Matthew Reilly's work really inspired me to try my best to write his screenplays... I probably wouldn't mind if someone asked me to direct his "7 Deadly Wonders" series.

9) Do you have any sponsors?
-We are in Association with Jerico Pictures, who has contributed $3,500 to make the film happen. It's also been a pleasure to be introduced to Cindy Smith of Alias, Smith & Owens, a band that performs at the Bonnie and Clyde Festival every year. Her music is wonderful, I'm pumped to use it... We don't currently have any  corporate sponsors, but we're working on a few. They include some transportation companies, hotels, and a media company but it's just talk until it's in ink.

10) Do you have any other projects planned?
-I do plan on relaunching "UnAdopted" once I raise money, my comedy web series about a foster family that has to come together after being apart for years. Also, I'd like to really start getting "Iris" and other screenplays out there... This is pretty much all my focus now though, making "Colt Love".

11) What goes into producing a movie?
-The real answer is long enough to fill several volumes of encyclopedia! Simply put, a lot goes into producing a movie; it's really endless. I'm just doing a short film, so I can't imagine a full feature and what it would take. I can say that there are a lot of sleepless nights and challenges that require more energy than you know you have, sometimes.

12) Any advice for future writers and producers?
-Advice: Keep on keeping on, and fake it til you make it. You have a vision that no one else on earth has, or could have; this is one of the best qualities of collaboration, seeing how your crew brings your vision to life. There aren't a lot of people in the world that are going to automatically care about that vision, you'll have to convince them and sometimes it won't work. Get used to being your own source of energy and confidence, it makes you pleasurable to be around. Finally, people may not notice you when you're there, but they certainly notice you when you're not there; get out and be seen!

Thanks, for stopping in!  I can’t wait to see the finished film. Keep us updated!

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