Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival March 7th – May 20th

Epcot was a big “yes” for my entire family. And what better time to visit than during the Flower and Garden Festival?
The Kids ran off to go Soarin’ while I and my Dad hit  Spaceship Earth This was my first time riding and after only a five minute wait we were back in time. Ironically, it covers how paper was first created and then books. I thought the animated figures were very realistic as they showed man’s progression through time. The slow moving ride should be fine for everyone. I did however, find the air to be stuffy, which did not help my asthma.
Back outside and into the refreshing Florida breeze! We headed over to The Land section to eat breakfast. They had a wide variety, and prices were better than I had expected. Afterwards, we rode Living with the Land. Disney was kind to let us use the fast pass lane, to accommodate my Dad’s walker. This is a boat ride expounding upon the future of farming. The nine pound lemons were a site to behold!
Then the gates open to the World Showcase!  To me, this is the best part of Epcot. To explore different places and cultures that I have only read about. Intermixed with the countries are the stunningly accurate sculptures out of flowers. The Princess couples were my favorite! I selected my favorite pics, but you can see all of them by visiting my shutterfly page.
Did I mention shopping? Epcot is the shoppers paradise! I picked up a lucky owl from Japan, and a statue of Buddha. My mother purchased an authentic Cuckoo Clock from Germany, and my father stocked up on Dragonwell tea in China.
We had lunch at Les Chefs De France in Paris. They offered a three course Meal for $23 which included French Onion soup, a choice of entrée’s and choice of dessert. I shared it with my son and we had plenty to eat. My youngest son shared the soup as well, but picked out the onions, which completely defeats the purpose of eating French onionsoup!
While you’re in France be sure to see the 18 minute film. It depicts beautiful landscapes and wonderful Castles. Plus, unlike Canada and China, this one has seats!
Epcot is humongous and requires at least two days to get through it properly, but if you have only one, don’t miss the World Showcase!
You still have time to make the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, March 7th - May 20th!