Friday, March 23, 2012

Follow Me To Kissimmee

Hi! I am proud to be chosen for a guest blogger spot for .
Follow my posts as I visit Florida!

There is nothing like a vacation to cleanse your soul, and refresh your spirit.
Let me start by telling you a bit about myself.  I’m Lynn Hubbard, I am a Historical Romance Author from Georgia.  I will be vacationing with my two sons, my parents and dog, Wyatt. Living in Georgia, we are just a hop, skip, and  jump from Kissimmee, so we try visit at least once a year.  Our preferred mode of travel is by car. No better way to see America than to get in the car and go.
This trip we have several things planned, and some we’ll write in as we go.
My son Michael’s favorite is Universal. Their Big Event this Spring is Mardi Gras, it will be our first time to see the parade. It only runs select days, so we will have  to wait a bit.
My son Nicholas, is into Photography, so we’ll be spending a day at the beach so he can capture the sunset.
My Parents want to see Epcot. And what better time to visit than during the Epcot® International Flower & Garden Festival?
Wyatt is my parents dog. Traveling with a dog is an adventure in itself. He’s a bit disappointed, he’s not getting his Fiji water from the Hard Rock Hotel. However, I’m sure he’ll enjoy the Westgate Vacation Villas just as well.
And me: Loving history, I will be visiting the Titanic exhibit. This is the 100th Anniversary of the tragedy.
Enough for now, I’m off to pack!
Getting ready for a trip is an adventure in itself. About a week before I sit down and write out a meticulous to do list. To make sure I don’t forget anything, I keep it with me clutched in my hand as I wander around the house.
The list grows.
The days count down.
Then finally, I start to pack.
Now where did I put that list?
Why does packing takes about half an hour, but getting ready to pack takes about three days? The good thing about traveling to Kissimmee is that anything you forget, you can buy! This city is one of the few places on earth you can find a bathing suit in the middle of winter!
Driving is my preferred method of transportation, not only is it easier on the budget, but you get to spend all that family time on the way. To beat Atlanta traffic, we usually leave by 4am and hit Kissimmee around noon. That gives us a whole day to explore!
My Mom getting Juice in Florida Welcome Center

Almost there!
St. Patrick’s Day and my Birthday are both sneaking up, so stay tuned for more!
I like to encourage my kids to read, so sometimes we will listen to an audio bok along the way. One of my favorite memories is pulling into the Disney parking lot. I found a great spot with a clear view of the Epcot ball. I go to turn off the car and my son says. “Can we finish listening to the chapter first?”
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