Saturday, March 31, 2012

Life is a Beach!

“My Precious…” We trudged up the hill to the lodge. Sweat trickled down our backs, but we knew we must go on. We shielded our eyes from the glaring light from the sun, wait, yes. We were there, we made it! The cell phone had arrived! Special thanks to Sprint for their incredibly fast service!
Back on track, we loaded up the van with the family and tossed in the dog for good measure. Off to the beach!
Even though I’m a Pisces, I don’t like the water. I like looking at the water, I just don’t care for being in the water. I do like sand though, and chocolate. And what better beach is there to visit for a chocolate lover than Cocoa Beach?
Cocoa, Florida was named after the cocoa plants in the area. With visions of a chocolate paradise in my mind, I headed east. I was a bit disappointed not to find chocolate fountains after arriving but it was a nice drive. Only took about an hour to get there, just be sure you keep some cash handy for the tolls. Cost about seven bucks round trip.
We finally found a park with public access, and lots of signs with warnings. No Dogs. Since we had a dog, this was a bit of a downer. We ventured a bit further and found a dog park entrance just off the beach. So we split our time between hanging out at the dog park with Wyatt and going to the beach.
Wyatt thinks he’s a person, and does not play well with other dogs, so we kept him on a leash. The beach crew had a much better time than Wyatt.
You could not have asked for a nicer day, the weather was perfect! About 82 degrees, the sand was warm, the water was refreshing, and the clouds were ample. I love clouds and spend a lot of time staring at them and finding shapes. This was like a cloud paradise. I think they should rename Florida the Cloud State.
Cocoa Beach has my vote for the softest sand. Kind of like a free spa get away. Your feet are getting exfoliated, you can do seaweed wraps, nature is awesome. So I plop down into the velvety sand, and enjoy the never ending breeze coming from the ocean. The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds and I amused myself by taking pictures and watching the sea gulls battle.
I never realized how graceful sea gulls were. When they land, they kind of hover a bit before touching down. I bury my feet in the sand and close my eyes, as the sound of the waves push my to do list out of my head.  This was the best Birthday ever!