Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snotty Kids and Sinking Ships

My sons and I went to the movies yesterday. It was like stepping through a time warp. Life size posters of The Phantom Menace, and Titanic lined the lobby. 

I couldn’t stand them the first time around why would I want to cough up 15 bucks to see them 3D?

As an avid Star Wars fan I flocked to the theater to see the Prequel and left with a pang in my heart and the bitter taste of bile in my throat.  Why? I asked, as I screamed to the heavens, WHY? Darth Vader’s father is an ameba; Really? And it got worse; they depended upon this snot nosed brat to save their hides. Not to mention the pedophilia alert: the Queen developing an eerie attraction to him. I won’t mention the other two “Prequels” since they aren’t worth mentioning.

Too bad the writers didn’t bother watching the first three  films. Of course, they ruined those too. Turning R2D2 into a CD player, seriously, what were they thinking?

Now we come to Titanic. Although I write Romance, I don’t watch romantic movies.  But at my sisters urging, I went to see Titanic, even though I already knew the ending. 

Warning Spoiler alert:

Titanic: Rich girl is engaged to Richer guy. Girl falls for sewer rat and ends up with priceless jewel.

The boat sinks.

Girl lives a long life and is assisted night and day by her Granddaughter. Does she give the jewel to her loving relative?  Heck no, because that would be a happy ending and who wants that?

So here we are years later with the 3D version; Needless to say, I will not be attending.
 And if any producers are out there reading this:

If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! And if it is Broke, don’t make it 3D!

Leave a comment with your worst or favorite movie!