Saturday, February 11, 2012

Barnes and Who

I recently met with my editor for coffee. What better place to go than Cool Beans, on the Marietta Square. It was my first visit to the quant shop, so I sipped on my freshly brewed latte as we settled in. We exchanged thoughts and ideas then, the topic switched to ebooks. I was enlightening her, on how my heart had grown to cover ebooks, as well as print.
She leaned in and whispered, apologetically, that she owned a nook. Has our world come to this? Nookies have to hide in secret? I reassured her that it was okay, that I owned a nook as well. And I love my nook, however, with Amazon dominating the field it has made conversations with nook owners….um…a bit awkward. Like perhaps, we did something wrong.
With Barnes & Noble thinking of throwing Nook out into the cold, what are nook owners to do? Do they put on blinders and keep reading? Do they avoid social media? I’m not sure what other nookies are doing, but I am downloading all of my nook books to my computer for safe keeping.*  
With Borders gone, B&N is throwing rocks at Amazon. They recently released a statement that newly published Amazon Titles will not be sold in B&N stores. Perhaps this is to get back at Amazon for indie authors flocking to them, and exclusively, enrolling their books, in the Amazon Lending Library.
Of course, if B&N were more indie friendly, the stampede wouldn’t be quite as large.

*To download ebooks, just pull up your Nook Library page on the computer and click the big Blue download button next to the Cover Pic. An epub copy will be downloaded on your computer. You can read it on your computer with Adobe Digital, a free Download.

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