Thursday, February 16, 2012



I have always been blessed by a large family. Returning from my Uncle’s funeral, it makes you realize how important family is.

My Uncle had been ill for many years, so it can be looked upon as a blessing that he is at peace. But, I guess I’m selfish. I miss him.

They had a slide show at the funeral. Pictures flashed across the screen which depicted him at better times. When he was young and healthy, the way I remember him.

I have lost so many family members in the past years, most were taken all too soon. But, I was blessed to have them in my life while I did.

My grandparents had twelve children and raised eleven, which were great odds in those days. Perhaps the good ole days weren’t so good.

I was very close to my Grandparents, and still think of them often. They would surely be disappointed to know that the family only gets together now for weddings or funerals. Even with all the technology for contacting one another, it seems there is just never enough time.

Of course I could blame other factors; I lost your phone number that you’ve had for twenty years; I misplaced your address; I don’t have your email; You’re not on facebook, and the list goes on and on.

But I need to make time, and reach out to those loved ones I have left. Send them a real paper card, a letter or perhaps some flowers, for no reason at all.

I spent Valentine’s Day in a room full of family and I only knew about half their names. But I still have time, to reconnect, to make amends, to visit, and tell them I love them. And I will.

*Pictured some of my Cousins: Randy, Mike, Keith, Jeremy, Sarah, me, Lisa, Scythia, Shauna, Donna, Dawn, Kristi and Spencer