Thursday, April 12, 2012

Titanic, May They be at Peace

April 15th marks the 100th Anniversary of the Titanic tragedy.

I first heard of Titanic when I was eleven. My teacher had a ticket to board the ship. However, they ended up canceling because her brother was ill.
Unfortunately, many were not so lucky.
I first met Titanic up close and personal in 2006. A traveling exhibit came to Atlanta, and I had to go see it. I was not disappointed. They had the original bell on display. The brass gleamed as if it was new, and I could picture the people waving from shore. I could hear the horns blaring and the bell ring as it pulled away from the port. Those on board did not realize that most would never see land again.
April 14th 2009, I had another chance to visit. This one was a bit different. During the exhibit at the Georgia Aquarium, they had a paranormal group do a walk through at night, and I was able to attend. No evidence was found that night. However, the objects whispered of better times. Times, before their owners departed.
Orlando, has a permanent exhibit. One with life size replicas, to make you relieve that night as time ticks away. The most moving part for me was standing on the deck. The air was brisk and cold and the night was pitch black. A chill ran down my spine as we were separated from our loved ones. Ladies and children first.
And today, Titanic is back in Atlanta. And once again, I was drawn to her story. The boilers gleamed in the darkness, and I imagined the fireman shoveling away, as they tried to give power to the massive ship. Even though they knew that death was upon them.
It was just enough. The band played on as the last life boat left. Terror filled the night, as the oars splashed in the frigid water, as they pulled away from the broken dream.
May they be at peace.