Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Spring

Welcome Spring

There are many signs that spring is here. Bees, pollen, cherry blossoms and dandelions.
I drove thru my neighborhood the other day admiring all the well-manicured lawns. Then I came upon one full of yellow dandelions.

It reminded me of my old house. I am not the best gardener, I’m not the outdoorsy type, I’d rather be inside reading a book or writing one. So my lawn was neglected. I was bustling my son Nicholas out of the house one day, and was shocked to see how over grown my yard had become. It was full of dandelions, they seemed to have sprung up overnight.

As I was pondering if they would just disappear with a good mowing, I heard a gasp from my son.
“Mom, look at the yard. It’s beautiful!”

So I did look again, and he was right. It was beautiful. The bright yellow blossoms, contrasting against the green of the grass.  I remember picking handfuls of them for bouquets as a child, I had just forgotten somehow. Needless to say, the blossoms stayed as long as they wanted.

It seems like growing up, you miss out on a lot. Like seeing the simple beauty in one of God’s creations. There is beauty all around us, sometimes we just forget to look.

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