Sunday, April 22, 2012

I've never really thought about dog food until my Hannah became sick.

I've never really thought about dog food until my Hannah became sick. Read Hannah's story and enter below to win some healthy treats for your dog.

My son Michael and Hannah

I rescued Hannah and her brother Wyatt over four years ago. At her check up in April 2011 she was in perfect health. She came in one day from playing in the yard and I noticed her ears were raw. I assumed she got into a scrape with some critter and took her to the vet. Several rounds of antibiotics, steriods and Vet visits and they finally were on the path to healing. They changed her dog food to a healthier variety, to help her immune system. She still was dropping weight very quickly, she lost 2-3 pounds in a couple of months and her ears were again raw and inflamed. Back to the vet for more tests and medication. Her labs were off a bit so they started her on a liver supplement as well. A recheck in a month and she had started breathing hard. Around December we finally did an xray and found a Mass in her Chest cavity. We were sent to a specialist who did an ultrasound. They wanted to do a biopsy but were unable to get a sample. They treated her for pnemonia and we home with a sackful of meds. My life consisted of giving her medicine, driving to to Vets and holding Hannah. They were finally able to do a biopsy and the results highly suggested lymphoma. By this time, Hannah was so debilitated all she could do was gasp for breath. So I made my decision and let her go. 1-17-2012

Below is a short note I wrote:

The Path Towards the Light by Lynn Hubbard

My dog died today. 

It was not by God’s choice, but my own which sorrows me deeply. After seeing her deteriorate as the cancer takes her breath, it is the only kind thing I can do.

Yes, there are specialists, and more tests and more drugs. And I went that path for a while, until that path looked dark and gloomy as well.

But Hannah does not deserve darkness. 
She deserves joy and light, so I tearfully make my decision to do what is best for her, which is the hardest path for me.

Rest in Peace Hannah my sweet girl. Rest in peace.

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