Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trixie Belden Lives!

Growing up I was bed bound much of the time with Asthma. Some days I barely had the energy to hold my book up to read. Not being able to run around outside with the other kids, I had my own friend. Trixie Belden.

Trixie, a girl sleuth, gave me the chance to escape and be brave and healthy. Written in 1948 by Julie Campbell, Trixie was brought to life along with her annoying brothers and devoted friends. Kathryn Kenny took over and the series ended in 1986.

Trixie Belden is a set of Mystery Books written for girls, many compare her to Nancy Drew or the Hardy boys series. There are 39 in all and I am tickled to have them all. I have even begun a quest to acquire first editions of each one.  Hey, it's my vice, some people smoke, drink, or whatever. I collect Trixie Belden books.

New Trixie Cover
I was thrilled when Random House began reprinting them in 2003. I was dismayed to see what they did to Trixie on the cover. They glamorized her. In the series, Trixie was a “sturdy girl” with freckles and short curly hair that frizzed when it was humid. She was not perfect. No one is. Except, perhaps Nancy Drew, but we’re not talking about her.

Nevertheless, the stories are the same. Trixie takes you to places around the country you could never dream of seeing. However, thanks to Trixie I have been there. As have millions of other young girls who love to read.

The modern Trixie is even available as an ebook. That’s fine for some but I’m gonna go read my faded dog eared copies on the self.

Original Trixie Cover

So if you know Trixie, leave a comment. Let’s make everyone say “Nancy who?”