Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Give Me Five!

With people pinching pennies today, more and more people are looking for ways to earn extra money. Enter Fiverr. is an ingenious website where people can offer their services or purchase services for $5.
Where else can you pay someone $5 for writing a short message in the froth of a cup of cappuccino? Or earn $5 for writing a message on your hand?
You can spend an entertaining evening just going down the list of possibilities. Yes, many are wacky but they do have some great bargains. You can have articles written, homework done, pages translated, resumes made and all for five bucks!
Here are some examples taken straight from the site:
I will create a video performing an utterly fake reading for you as a fortune teller for $5
I will call anyone you want and wish them a Happy Birthday or tell them whatever you want for $5
I will sing or say your message in the shower for 30 seconds for $5
I will record a short fun lip sync video and show or say your message for $5
I will send you 10 handmade envelopes for $5
Sounds crazy huh?  I couldn’t write a post without trying it so….. I bought a custom logo.
I was given several different variations as seen under picture section.
Was it cheap? Yes.
Was it fast ? Yes.
Do I love it? No, but hey it was five bucks!
Payments are made securely through the site and the sellers are rated.  Many of the sellers are from different countries. However, country origin is clearly marked in the post.
So if you have a skill, a hidden talent, or a hobby, head over and sign up. 
What would you do for five dollars?