Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa, come at Noon! Reflections of Christmas

Author Kennesaw Taylor as Santa

Santa, come at Noon! Reflections of Christmas

As my children become older the mood of Christmas changes a bit. No longer do I hear the sound of pattering feet as they run into my room, jump on my bed and scream “Santa Came”.

 Instead, I find myself having to wake them up on Christmas morning. Their pleads of “Ten more minutes” rips at my soul.

With Christmas being an extra day off for many, I’m struggling with forgoing old traditions and sleeping in.

Why can’t Santa come at noon?

Think about it. No more frantic sneaking around in the dark. There would be less muttered curses as you try to put together items quietly. You would be more cognitive after having your coffee and breakfast first.

With Santa delivering presents during the day, there would be less broken ornaments, less stubbed toes and less stress. Rudolf could go on vacation; in fact the elves could rig Santa’s Sleigh with Solar power. The possibilities are endless.

For example: My stockings went missing this year. (I’m suspicious that the Grinch stole them) Did I pout? Did I cry? No!  We started a new tradition. Instead of stockings Santa cleverly put everything into a Christmas box. And I got to see the joy and surprise on my children’s faces as I handed them their bottles of Fiji water.

After all Christmas isn’t about Santa. It’s about being with family, and giving, and love. So let those teens sleep in, sip some coffee, read a book and relax! That’s what Christmas is all about.

Special thanks to Kennesaw for his pic!