Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Laura Yirak's thoughts on Thanksgiving!

Counting down the days! 
Thanksgiving is upon us and Author Laura Yirak 
is here to Share her thoughts.  

The Yirak Turkey!
I always get a fresh turkey for thanksgiving---this year I'm doing it up early, so I bought a FROZEN turkey.  That was all they had---OMG, a FROZEN turkey you say.  Yes, I do say!

Yesterday I put the solid sucker in the fridge.

Neurotically, I wonder, how long will it take to defrost?  Will it defrost in time?  Should I put it in water, leave it on the counter?  I have been checking and poking and examining it every few hours---yes, I'm crazy.  Though I check and though I peak, it's still as hard as a poultry brick.

A table full of starved guests, I open up my fridge and pull out my FROZEN solid turkey and place it on my table, "I thought this year that we would celebrate Thanksgiving symbolically."  I could put a bow on top for added decor.

And as I light some candles, I will pull my plate of chicken nuggets from the microwave and serve them up steaming HOT, with some chilled cranberry sauce.  "Thank you all for coming and traveling so far to be here with us on this day.  I hope that you will all enjoy the meal."  And I will warmly smile.

I still have two days left :)
Happy turkey day!!!

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