Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Interview with Author Laura Yirak

Laura Yirak is here to discuss her latest book Delivered to Eternity, An Alesta the Vampire book
Welcome Laura! I was reading your bio over at Amazon and found it fascinating.

 A haunted boarding school, would be a great setting for a book! Did you see any ghosts while you lived there?

St. Michaels was a fantastically old Catholic school.  It sat over on a cliff with a view of the River Clyde.  I never saw a ghost, but certainly imagined that they were going to get me all the time.  There was the Headless Nun that wandered the halls of the dungeons--the dungeons being the lower levels of the school.  And then there was the Hairy Hand that might get you while you were going to the loo.  There were many other stories as well!  Maybe I should do up some short stories about it J

Do you believe in ghost, vampires or creatures of the night?

Of course I do!  I believe in ghosts as I have had my own encounter, but that was in the U.S a few years ago.  I stayed in a cabin out in the lower foothills of the Cascade mountains and found out after a week there that it was haunted.  The cabin was new, so I was not expecting it.  I guess ghosts have no preference.

 What inspired you to write a vampire book?

I love vampires.  They totally freak me out, that and I like their immortality.  I played with the idea of the ‘soul’ in this book.

 Who is your target audience?

I have a wide range of ages in my book, from mid twenties to sixties, males and females.  I would like to capture a wide range.

 Do your vampires sparkle?

Vamps in Kilts---WOO.  My vampires do not sparkle, they hide in dark places and follow you into the shadows, take a nip while you are sleeping and vanish when you wake.  They are of the more traditional variety and they are steamin HOT, especially in kilts!

 Tell me about Alesta.
Laura Yirak
 Alesta means, ‘Savior of Mankind.’  The decision to be a vampire was made for her and she struggles with this through the book.  She works as a nurse by night and runs a Manor House.  This is where she has her supper. J

What is your next project?

I am working on three projects:  another children’s book, a psycho-thriller, and a book of poems for fun.

 Where can we get your book?
I am on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other online sites. 

How can your fans contact you?

All of my book links are here!
I’m also on Twitter:  @laurayirak

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I hope you enjoy, Delivered to Eternity! 

 Be sure to check out Laura's book!

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