Sunday, November 27, 2011

Contest! Enter to Win A Signed Print Copy of Chase the Moon

Contest! Enter to Win A Signed Print Copy of 
Chase the Moon by Lynn Hubbard

You will receive 1 entry for each activity you complete. Winner will be notified by email. 
Some entries are daily so check back for more chances! 

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Chase the Moon is the latest Historical Romance from Lynn Hubbard, 
Best Selling Author of Run into the Wind

Amelia is enraptured by Chase’s charm and his touch. 
Will she fit into his world? Or, will Chase give up everything 
to fit into hers? 

Set in Mississippi 1886 

Meet Chase Stafford. Chase inherited his mother’s Comanche blood and his father’s sense of humor. After receiving a wedding invitation from his brother Brock, he heads off on a train to Mississippi. Along the way, he runs into Amelia. Half asleep, he mistakes her flowing alabaster hair for that of a banshee. After starting off on the wrong foot can Chase’s charm persuade her to give him another chance? 
Amelia’s initial encounter with Chase was unsettling to say the least. The glamorous city girl was taken aback by Chase’s forwardness. Nevertheless, she is bound and determined to awaken the sensations that only he can unleash. 

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