Friday, August 29, 2014

Man Vs. Chocolate, Your Choice

Men are like a box of chocolates

Chocolate is just confusing you're not quite sure what you are getting.

I've spent some time recently trying to contemplate the minds of man. I have decided that there is no sense to make of it. They say what they don’t mean, and do what they won’t say.

 It is enough to drive one mad! After much conversation with friends I have decided that like life, men are also like chocolate.

 You can’t judge them by their fancy wrapping, or flashy tag lines. Nope, the only way of is judge for yourself. 

Sure you can start by finding an an attractive package. However the inside may be bitter. Some are a bit nutty, which is fine if you like nuts. But most women like a combination, nuts and caramel perhaps? 

Chocolate comes in all sizes colors and flavors. And I love nuts, but pretty much anything covered in chocolate works for me. Some candies are wrapped up in a cup and you choose one thinking you will find your favorite. You take a bite, marshmallow cream. Not bad, but not what you were looking for. 

So you move onto the next one, and soon all the good ones are taken. The ones left have no discernible lumps or markings. Do you take a chance? You have been burned before. Your mouth waters, your stomach rumbles. Yes, one more chance. You select one and take a bite. 

Jelly filled. 


Spit or swallow? 

Being the lady you are, you swallow it down, and toss the rest. 

Try another or give up? 

Who am I kidding? It’s CHOCOLATE. 

I’m sure there is a chocolate, nut, caramel, toffee, nougat, crispy, coconut filled one somewhere.

What is your favorite sweet?