Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kennesaw Taylor-Urgent!

I received a phone call the other day from my friend Kennesaw. I normally talk to him several times a month but was blown away to find out he was in the hospital.

He woke up and headed to his computer to start his daily writing and couldn’t log in or type. He was confused, and after being rushed to the hospital, diagnosed with a mini stroke.

Scary stuff for a writer in their fifties. Scary stuff for anyone of any age.

I met Kennesaw years ago through an online group for writers. We shared ideas, and strategies to take over the world. Books for everyone!

Of course writing isn’t an easy profession. It is hard, and some days are harder than most. However it helps to have a good friend to lift your spirits, encourage you to preserver, and keep writing.

Writing starts with a single letter, then a word, soon enough you’ll have a sentence.

Rest for now, but always follow your dream or I’ll kick you in the pants!

Love ya!

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