Friday, June 15, 2012

What is that doggy in the window?

A month ago, we adopted Clowie from an animal shelter. Clowie is actually from Louisiana, and was transferred to Atlanta in a shelter share program. She was ill when she arrived and the shelter worked very hard to get her better.

Clowie is an energetic puppy who loves to give kisses. Her shiny black coat is marked with a star trek crest on her chest. Her kennel tag touted a Lab mix. So lab was definitely possible, it was her long giraffe like legs that had us scratching our heads. At the Vet’s for her check up we questioned him about her breed.

He thought her ears were a bit too long to be a lab and suggested we do a DNA test. I had heard about DNA tests for dogs and was anxious to try it.

Arriving home, I looked up the kits online. There were several to choose from, and not all of them cover the same breeds. After reading the reviews I chose a test by wisdom panel. The reviews were wide spread, most of the negative ones didn’t agree with the results. I ordered it online and much to my surprise, I actually received it the next day.

The kit included two pipe cleaner like brushes and a prepaid return envelope with instructions. Taking the sample from a squirming puppy required my son’s help. We popped them in the mail and awaited the results. Wisdom panel has a neat breed test where you enter your dog’s attributes and they offer breed suggestions. This is free and fun to try! Click Here for theLink.

I choose to register my kit online and was able to track the progress. A couple of days later I received an email that they had received the kit and were processing the sample. The results were ready a week later; just under the two week estimate.

And the vet was right. Clowie did not have a smidgen of lab in her. I was surprised to find out her pureblood grandparents were Weimaraner, Boxer, and French poodle. The poodle explains the long legs. The test goes on to share all the attributes of each breed and breaks down components of her mixed breed grandparent. I have attached the results if you want to take a peek click here.

These results will help my vet keep her healthy and decide on the best training methods. We have puppy training scheduled for next week!

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