Sunday, June 18, 2017

Champion-The Movie

Champion-The Movie 

Champion is not like the normal movies I watch. If it were not for my friend inviting me to come see it, I probably would have overlooked this movie all together. No CGI, no special effects, no blood & gore. However, it had something more. Something from the heart.

Shot in Georgia, Champion follows a racetrack driver and how his life interconnects with others. The main focus of the movie is FORGIVENESS. Everyone makes mistakes. Life is about choices. But your life does not have to be tied to that one action. You can rise above it. You can forgive and BE forgiven.

Forgiveness comes in all sorts of ways. Time helps. However, sometimes it takes more. In Champion, we learn that forgiveness is not just for the person that harmed you. But to forgive someone, frees yourself.

Life is too short to hold grudges, to live with regret, and to keep bitterness in your heart.

I had a depressing morning and I cried through much of the film. Very few movies can touch one's soul, but Champion does. It was brilliantly written and had wonderful actors, such as my friend’s son Liam Peeples. .

Take a leap of faith, and go see this movie.