Saturday, April 5, 2014

Help Lynn Name her Next Romance Book!

I have been agonizing over a new name for my next Romance book. I have it narrowed down but I still cannot decide. 

So I am seeking your advice.

Book info: 
It is set during the CivilWar in 1864. Barrett is a Yankee, and Olivia is a Rebel. He escapes from prison and and she keeps him captive in her home.   

I would like to tie it into a war series. My last book was ‘War of Hearts’.

I have listed my selections below. 

Please vote for your favorite or suggest your own.
I will gift a free ebook copy of War of Hearts to everyone who comments or participates! 

I will announce the final name on the blog comments. 

Thank you for your help & Support!

+Lynn Hubbard 

+Lemon Press 

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