Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Patriot Guard Riders

I was sitting at my computer and checked my email with a click. My heart feels heavy as I see the PGR request. Another soldier has fallen and the Patriot Guard Riders are on their way.

Photo by Gary Adams, GA PGR

Who is the PGR? They are a nameless bunch, never asking for any reprieve or reward. I’m sure you’ve seen them though on TV or at a grave. They are the ones, standing watch while our flag waves. The Patroit Guard Riders volunteer their time. They ride shotgun for our soldiers, fireman and police when they are called from this earth. They dedicate their time protecting the families from spite. And they are there to show support and display their quiet might.

There motto is: Standing for those who stood for us. And they proudly do!
I was lucky enough to meet these giving souls on better terms than most. We are working on a way to spread the word. A country group has sung a song to aid in this quest. Alias, Smith & Owens sing so our soldiers may rest. They may lie in peace, knowing that their loved ones can grieve without reprieve.

They protect our soldiers honor while they travel on their way. They may look intimidating with their bikes and leather boots. But let me tell you, their hearts are filled with gold as they try to spread the truth.
So together we wanted to introduce you to the group. And if you are interested in riding, or just holding a flag; sign up or donate to help them on their way.

A little something that popped into my mind,

And So They Came
By Lynn Hubbard

A soldier has fallen, a life was lost. And so they came. One by one they suited up in black, red, white & blue. Their badges of courage sewed to their vest gives meaning to it all. Their flags proudly flowing in the breeze as they rumble down the road. Men and women, road weary and brave to guide the fallen home. Some live close, some live far but they all hear the call. Another brother has lost the fight, so come lead the way. They die too young, some say as tears moisten their eyes. Their dark shades hide the grief they have buried deep inside. Those that live never forget what they gave for us to be free. For there always is a price, freedom isn’t free.

Patriot Guard Riders-National http://www.patriotguard.org/
Georgia PGR Website http://www.pgrofga.com/
Alias, Smith & Owens Website http://aliassmithandowens.com/