Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sizzling Summer Blog Hop July 4th-July 7th

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Excerpt: With nothing else to do, she turned her attention to her rescuer. She wasn’t sure if she was any safer with him than with Scranton, but at least he was more handsome. She admonished herself for the thought. Not sure of what to say, she cleared her throat nervously.
Reese turned around and stared in fascination at the girl. She took his breath away. His shirt hung low coming just below her knees and the v neck gave him a good view of the creamy white skin on her throat and chest. He was making her nervous by looking at her like that and she sat down by the fire, pulling the shirt down to hide as much of her from him as she could.
"Um, here's some jerky I had left," he said, offering her a piece. She reached out with her hand, not coming any closer to him than she had to.
She reminded him of a deer he had seen when he was a boy. He had sat still for hours holding out a leafy branch to it. It finally came over to nibble on the green sprigs and he reached out to touch it. In an instant it bounced away in fear and it was gone forever. He didn't want the same thing to happen with her.
"Thank you" she said after she had chewed a bite. It was the first time she had spoken to him without being prodded. Her voice was as soft as an angel's. Reese smiled and asked her what her name was, realizing he didn't know it.
Beth. Elizabeth Cooper", she told him through chattering teeth. Her adrenaline was waning and the cold was setting in. He stepped toward her slowly and wrapped her in a blanket. His heart melted a bit more as she smiled her thanks.
"My name’s James Reese" Reese said, holding out his hand. He felt sparks as her tiny hand clutched his in a welcoming shake. It seemed kind of formal to her after all that they had been through.
"Why didn't you take his horse?" she asked, warming a bit from the blanket and the heat from his stare.
Reese smiled at her. "That's a hangin' offense."
"And stealin’ a woman isn't?"
"Not if she wanted to be stole. Did you?" Reese asked, his brown eyes deepening. Beth blushed and wrapped the blanket tighter around her.
"I suppose I should thank you for saving me,” Beth said, looking up at him.
He chuckled. “Anytime.”

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