Thursday, September 29, 2011

Interview with Horror Author Todd Russell

Todd Russell stopped in today. Todd is a horror author so this is perfect timing with Halloween around the corner!

He’s been very busy this week with the release of his New Novel “Fresh Flesh” on Sept. 29th, 2011.

Welcome Todd, the cover really captures my attention. What can you tell us about it?

The cover was drawn by International Horror Guild winning artist Aeron Alfrey. I came across his art while working on the 2011 draft and was blown away. He's done artwork for "The Mist" by Stephen King, an H.P. Lovecraft anthology, Thomas Ligotti horror novels and much more incredible work. Google him.

Alfrey and I hit it off over email. We both admire the original Twilight Zone by Rod Serling and agreed early on that the island would be drawn in black and white. I don't think the island would have looked as dark and disturbing in color.

Who is your favorite character in the book and why?

Oh man, pick one? Only one?  I love all these people. When I finished the first draft in 1989 I remember taking a long car drive and thinking about how much fun I'd had spending time with them.

When I reread the story in 2011—the first time in over 20 years—I remembered what I liked about each character and vividly recalled that cloudy January day in 1989. How these people seemed more real to me than any others I'd written about to date. Back then I was a very young writer with big dreams.

When the book landed me a literary agent before my twenty-first birthday, I knew there was something special about this story and these characters.

It was this year, over 22 years later, when I realized the story wasn't supposed to end—yet.

I'm not young any more but still have those big dreams.

How frequently I return to the Fresh universe will depend in part on reader interest. So, I encourage readers to please let it be known in their reviews how interested they are in reading more Fresh stories.

Can you share a sample?

How about three?

Richard Templin is about to be executed:

A beautiful woman awakes to a stranger


And there are more samples on the Flesh Flesh webpage here:

What is your inspiration for horror?

Dozens of authors inspire me. Robert McCammon, Stephen King, Poe, Lovecraft and Rod Serling. And a bunch more including authors you wouldn't think of as horror authors like Roald Dahl.

On the nonfiction side I enjoy reading true crime, biographies and about strange events in history.

As you know, I’m a Romance Author I’m sure my readers want to know if there is any romance in the book?


Do you have any other works available?

Yes, my first book is a collection of horror short stories called Mental Shrillness.

Where can I get a copy?

International readers can get all my book at Smashwords:

How can we stalk you?

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Thank you so much for stopping in today and best of luck on your new book!

Thank you for letting me stop by and say hello to your readers. Best of luck with your work as well :)